Our Purpose

North Shore Rescue Mission is a nonprofit organization based on Judeo-Christian values which are committed to:


• Enhancing the lives of Christian and non-Christian youths through spiritual, academic, and civic programs designed to develop spirit, mind, and body;


• Increasing youth awareness of the importance of being responsible citizens and meeting God's living standards;


• Guiding young people toward the achievement of academic and educational accomplishments by means of mentoring, counseling, conferences, and workshops; and lastly


• Endeavoring to create positive interactions and values sharing among youths, enabling them to meet at a yearly convention and other informal gatherings where social concerns of high frequency can be discussed, such as: teen pregnancy, illicit drug abuse, and high school dropout.


As it has been its practice since its foundation, North Shore endeavors to remain faithful to its core mission, to help form a new cohort of youths that will contribute to the emergence of an ethical and healthy youth society.